Design is the creation of a plan or convention for the construction of an object, system or measurable human interaction.

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When customer experience supports breakthrough innovation

Disruptive design

Taking into account the endorsement level of transformative cultural shifts in a targeted audience—whether conscious or not—can help us to design solutions that have a higher chance of being more resilient and react better to sudden changes and shocks.

Design for people’s emerging expectations

(Human) trends

Collecting bigger/better/faster data allows businesses to uncover previously invisible or inaccessible insights about customers’ behaviors.

The evolving definition of design

The things surrounding us

Design, above all else, is the interpreter of a society, giving voice to its needs and values. Design is a narrator of ourselves.

Have we launched into a new era of design?

Why human-centered design is not enough

The design profession is moving towards these areas where people can really help rather than just making an aesthetically-superior product. And this is one of the great things that's coming out of the design field, this focus on health and well-being and human value … although we still want beautiful things.

According to photographers Leonardo Brogioni and Roberta Valtorta, images are both immediate and eternal

Frozen moments

Photographers Roberta Valtorta and Leonardo Brogioni, explore the relationship between photography and time. They translate it into a sequence of frozen moments and changing images from prolonged or multiple exposures.

Video games that transport us into states of flow

How to open a time portal

When a video game world gets hold of a player's attention, the player loses track of time, and with enough practice, can even move automatically. This is how seemingly impossible temporal mechanics warp our realities.

A visual history like no other

Cartographies of time

How can we chart history beyond linear timelines and branching trees? In 2010, professors Daniel Rosenberg and Anthony Grafton published Cartographies of Time, the first historical account of the timeline.

Long story short

Critical design will make our lives better

Our intrusion on nature occurs in two distinct, but complementary ways. On one side, we produce goods and services that require enormous amounts of resources and energy; on the other, we profoundly impact nature to get better performance. Therefore, the need to find a balance between these components becomes crucial.

A Toolbox For The Times

This Must Be The Place

“How will our homes look and how will new technologies impact them?”, is a question that is often asked about the future. It’s a question which highlights how improperly we use the term “technology” rather than term “tool”. By talking about technology, one may be referring to both a main area of research or to a device. AI or R+ (VR/AR/MR) can be both domains and tools for example.