Whilst physical lock and keys are reducing in number - crime, and in particular, cybercrime is not. Cybersecurity is as a growing cause for concern globally, and privacy has never been so under threat.

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Four cybersecurity lessons learned from Covid-19

Prepare for the unexpected

Although the Covid-19 situation was definitely unexpected and disastrous, it has given us a lot to think about.


Inside a vulnerable network

SECURITY // Paolo Cirio is an artist, hacktivist, and theorist. His work investigates social fields impacted by the internet. In this crisis, he shares opinions and explores the vulnerability of an interconnected network, which exists not only in cyberspace, but also among humans.

Pioneer Podcast

What AI Means for Cybersecurity

We speak to the CEO of FortyTwo, Menny Barzilay, to discuss the future of cybersecurity and its intersection with AI. Covering topics such as the impending cyber-security crisis, how AI can help and hinder this problem, as well as the changing nature of computer viruses, the rise of data poisoning and find out which startups he thinks are making the most gains in this sector today.

Significant Minority Report

Predicting Crime with Technology

We as human beings are engineered to predict risk. When we shake hands with a stranger, we are evolutionarily programmed to detect on their fingers traces for attraction or fear. Director of JVP Venture Capital discusses the ever-growing power of "Predictive Policing" and how technology is surpassing our own human predictive capabilities.


Blockchain, Burning Man And The Future Of Governance: A Conversation With John Clippinger

Theorist and entrepreneur, John Clippinger, discusses open sector phenomena and how it presents new opportunities and threats for traditional organizations, as well as for transforming governance.


Hackers, Empathy And Neuroscience: A Conversation With Moran Cerf

How does one become a hacker, neuroscientist, pilot, radio host and storyteller? “A random sequence of events with no planning, that you try to weave into a story in hindsight.” Neuroscientist and Kellogg School of Management Marketing professor Moran Cerf describe his life’s path.

Securing the unsecure

Battle stations: businesses, governments and cyberwarfare

"If you're a hacker you only have to succeed one time if you're security you have to succeed every time." Menny Barzilay, Founder and CEO of FortyTwo, sits down and lays out the impending dangers that billions of affordable, mass-produced IoT devices will bring to the world of security, and how it is impossible for countries today to continue with the idea that physical borders can protect them from the warfare of the modern world.

Long Story Short

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malicious software that infects computers and restricts their access to files, often threatening permanent data destruction unless a ransom is paid.