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Blockchain's magic for enterprises

Join the Chain Gang

Much like how the technology used in microwave ovens was stumbled upon whilst developing radar, blockchain too was brought into the world as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The technology was originally created as the underlying layer to the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It fulfilled its purpose admirably, making Bitcoin the first hack-proof, sustainable digital alternative to fiat currency. Arguably more importantly though, it proved that decentralization in the digital era was achievable.



In 2015, Mark van Rijmenam moved to Australia to begin his PhD at the University of Technology in Sydney. By then, he had already begun to focus his dissertation on Big Data, having only heard and written lightly about the blockchain and still unable to fully grasp it entirely. However one day by happenstance, Mark joined a workshop about the blockchain: it was so eye-opening that he eventually changed his mind and decided to focus his dissertation on it.

Cryptocurrencies and today's financial infrastructures

The 'Cryptoboom' is the new gold rush

Today the population of the Earth earns, buys and sells using 180 different physical fiat currencies, from the US Dollar to the Georgian Lari. At the same time, we can choose among 1400 cryptocurrencies, those virtual currencies that use cryptography to secure and verify transactions.