Industry leaders are now those who can either implement or embrace technology. As an ever more dynamic and distributed workforce begins to challenge all notions of company culture and strategy, an agile and informed business is crucial in capitalising on an era characterised by rapid change.

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Is social entrepreneurship the new normal?

Finding value in an economy of care

Is social entrepreneurship becoming the norm, as more people are starting to work on projects that they believe in?

Who wants to live forever?

Death is not an option

Biomedical gerontologist, Aubrey de Grey, explains why the elixir for life may be closer than we think.


Human principles of existence

SOLIDARITY // Thami Schweichler is an award-winning social entrepreneur and designer based in Amsterdam. He shares hopeful thoughts about the economy of care and how solidarity can help humanity get back to its principles of existence using creativity and direct action.


Purposeful transformation

CONFIDENCE // Julia von Winterfeldt is a human leadership advocate and the founder and CEO of SOULWORX. Julia shares reflections on our own sense of purpose and how we can relate to and serve others during this crisis.


The new fashion magnetism

AUTHENTICITY // Francesco Tombolini is the president of the Italian Chamber of Luxury. He shares his perspective on a fashion ecosystem that will be driven by value and emerging magnetism.

how can the old continent matter again?

The future of Europe is in its own hands

As 2020 emerges, a new decade is imminent—and with it the adjustment of our compass. Our lense of the future combines both science fiction and reality shock. In order to enter a future worth living in, Europe needs its own ideas, its own Moonshots.

Long story short

The rise and grind of Hustle Culture

From Alexei Stakhanov to Elon Musk, some people are particularly keen on the type of workaholism that hustle culture perpetuates. It’s all about how “busy” they are — how many projects they’re juggling at the same time. Hustle culture has become the standard for many to gauge productivity and performance.

Journalism in the age of acceleration

The economics of news

When we can consume media for free or at a low cost, what does that mean for the future of journalism? We sat down with Guido van Nispen, who has held governance, advisory, and investment roles in media, to find out.

Long story short

What is Advanced Fission?

Advanced Fission is an array of new research and experimentation, mostly developed over the last two decades, which was meant to achieve an outstanding goal: that of producing plenty of cheap and clean energy to cut dependence on oil and gas. It is not a dream: it is the only way to avert climate change.

Food industry

Unchaining the supply chain

Contributing up to 29% of global emissions, the food industry is one of the most polluting. Given the continuous population increase, this number can only increase in the coming years. How can it balance growth with sustainability?

new economy

The Currency of Human Data

Data is among the most valuable assets on our planet. It is more valuable than oil. The Internet’s platform monopolies suck up our personal data for their own profit. Based on the promise of “free” Internet services, a handful of companies have turned us into a product and exploited our data and attention.

Corporate social responsibility

Patagonia, green activism

A responsible business grows thanks to corporate activism, not despite it. Meaning there is a way to make ‘corporations’ and ‘sustainability’ rhyme — but you need a strong will, and a drastic change in the way growth is measured.



WonderLEARN is the third episode in our maize.LIVE series aimed at rediscovering the magic in corporate learning and mapping out the ever-so-strange landscape of education.

Quantum & Consciousness

The Third Shift: What Comes After Digital?

Over the last four human generations, our society has experienced two defining shifts - to analog, then to digital. Could a third shift be on the horizon?

Startup Story

Tooso: Making E-Commerce Search Great Again

A conversation with Ciro Greco and Mattia Pavoni, Founders of the startup Tooso, on how when it comes to online business you should really, really care about semantics.

Understanding Neurodiversity

New Ways of Thinking, Learning, and Driving Change

Research shows that one of the most important sources of competitive advantage is a company’s overall corporate learning strategy. A robust corporate learning strategy focuses on deep expertise development, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and the continuous reinforcement of expertise as a central to success.

Advertising is Changing.

Where Art Thou My Brand?

When did brands go from an acquaintance to a life partner? Changes in technology, consumer behavior, and consciousness are to blame.

The Conversation

Voice Speaks Up

Voice, the most common interface that mankind has ever developed, is about to undergo a renaissance, and the reasons why are as natural as the technology that is driving it.

Startup Story

An Image Paints A Thousand Data

We sat down and spoke to Juliette Debois, Heuritech's Customer Success Manager to understand how the startup allows brands to better communicate, and connect, with their customer base.

Or is it already dead?

Banking is Dying

The ways in which we relate ourselves to wealth is being contorted in distinctly different ways. The march of technological change is disrupting how we view banks themselves, new faces on the scene look to revamp the industry entirely and shifts in customer behaviours are forcing wealth management services to undergo an existential crisis in what they offer. How will this play out? Let's find out.

Putting the Human back into Human Resources

Employees Are Not Assets

How can Human Resources continue to justify its name when it is repeatedly characterized by figures, statistics, and testing? In short, it can’t, but there is another way.

The Conversation

Making Jobs Human

The rise of purpose-driven business marks a shift in how we think about work.

Slash and Burn

Self-Disruption as Innovation

With almost twenty year's experience at Adobe, Sebastian Shaw has witnessed first hand how companies must sometimes reinvent themselves in order to survice.

The Future Won't Be For Everyone To Enjoy

Marx My Words

We spoke to the co-founder of the Elite Educational Institute China, Haisong Tang, on what his next moonshot is and how it will help ensure a more desirable future.

The Conversation

Nurturing Neurodiversity

Rahmyn Kress talks neurodiversity and the importance of individuals in privileged positions to drive this agenda to the point of normality.

Why Corporates Are Often Disappointed By Startups

Open Irritation

On paper, the disappointment experienced by corporations when they undergo open innovation is dismaying – yet the solution to this problem is already well within the corporate's reach.

How AI will Create Jobs

I work therefore I am

Is AI going to be a breaker, or a maker, of the jobs market?

Mix It Up

Designing Systems Through Diversity

Innovation is the name of the game today. But you can’t have innovation without diversity, which acts as a kind of vehicle for progress and our only way of reaching our desirable futures. In this sense, diversity is the fuel for the grand design and charges the entire process. Let me explain.

Long Story Short

What is Mobile-First Customer Engagement?

Mobile-First Customer Engagement is the key to attracting today’s omnichannel shoppers.

The Conversation

Dissociate & Collaborate

Friederike Korte describes what she means by a desirable future: one based on relationship building and subverting the status quo.