Open, distributed ledger technology blockchain is set to transform our world through mass decentralization.

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Start Up Stories

From Satoshi to

Michael Geike is the CEO of Advanced Blockchain AG, a group that focuses on the design, development, and deployment of DLT software for businesses and their operations and services. The company is collaborating with startup in the creation of peaq, one of the only projects working with DAG at its base layer, instead of the blockchain.

Blockchain's magic for enterprises

Join the Chain Gang

Much like how the technology used in microwave ovens was stumbled upon whilst developing radar, blockchain too was brought into the world as a means to an end rather than an end in itself. The technology was originally created as the underlying layer to the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. It fulfilled its purpose admirably, making Bitcoin the first hack-proof, sustainable digital alternative to fiat currency. Arguably more importantly though, it proved that decentralization in the digital era was achievable.

A Revolution in the Making

Built on Trust: Distributed Ledger Technology

In the same way that most people who use the internet seem to be more interested in what it does rather than how it does it, the technological genius behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies often goes unexplored. While understanding the way Distributed Ledger Technology works isn’t essential to one’s ability to use applications built on it— having a basic knowledge on how it works will help you understand why it’s considered to be revolutionary and why the hype surrounding DLT is well-founded.



In 2015, Mark van Rijmenam moved to Australia to begin his PhD at the University of Technology in Sydney. By then, he had already begun to focus his dissertation on Big Data, having only heard and written lightly about the blockchain and still unable to fully grasp it entirely. However one day by happenstance, Mark joined a workshop about the blockchain: it was so eye-opening that he eventually changed his mind and decided to focus his dissertation on it.

Long Story Short

What is BIoT?

Blockchain Internet of Things (BIoT) is a viable answer to the ongoing security concerns faced by IoT.


Blockchain, Burning Man And The Future Of Governance: A Conversation With John Clippinger

Theorist and entrepreneur, John Clippinger, discusses open sector phenomena and how it presents new opportunities and threats for traditional organizations, as well as for transforming governance.

A Glance at the Opportunities

IOTA in the New Mobility

IOTA is a Distributed Ledger Technology that delivers many of the same benefits associated with blockchain technologies, such as a shared identity and network-based trust. It creates an immutable ledger of data that is stored across a distributed network. It enables peer-to-peer asset transfer and monetary exchange without central intermediaries.


What mobility can learn from a quarter inch hole

Mobility is transforming, not only itself but our behaviours, cities and economies too. Ted Levitt’s much-quoted mantra that “people don't want to buy a quarter-inch drill, they want a quarter-inch hole” is useful in that it succinctly sums up the philosophy behind the changes that the automotive industry is witnessing today.