Is it going to save us, or enslave us? The jury is still out when it comes to Artificial Intelligence, and the topic is still one of the most highly contested discussions in the tech world.

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How is artificial intelligence changing the retail landscape?

Envisioning more intelligent crowds

By integrating AI with existing security cameras, retailers, and other businesses, are finding solutions to keep customers safe in the Covid-19 world.

Digitalism envisions a world where data is society's most important resource

The rise of digitalism

The rise of digitalism is unstoppable. However, as citizens, we still stand a chance to build a society that is there for us and not for corporations or dictatorial leaders.

The conversation

AI for better customer experiences

Reza Khorshidi, global chief scientist at AIG insurance, talks about how AI is improving user experiences in the insurance sphere, meeting our expectations for more and more automated services.

The Skeptical Enthusiast

AI and self-driving cars

The guarantee of safety in autonomous driving points to some challenges with the evolution of AI technology. Can we guarantee safety using a data-driven approach? How much data would we need? Do we have the time to collect and validate it?

The Conversation

AI, Machine Learning, and our brains

Pascal Weinberger, AI researcher and entrepreneur, Augustus Intelligence Inc., discusses how we can use AI and machine learning innovations to better understand how the brain works.

Sex in the digital era

How to turn your body into a device

It’s clear that technology is widening our range of possibilities for sexual experiences, but how is this going to change how we interact with others, and even, love them?

The conversation

Do we have free will?

The more we explore AI, the more we are exposed to new philosophical questions that challenge our values and beliefs: Do we actually have free will? Are we simply an organism that runs algorithms?

On the anthropology of Artificial Intelligence


When we talk about Artificial Intelligence, we tend to think of technology and technique. But if we truly want to understand something about it, we should put the ethical issue first.

10 Reflections on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence

Renaissance of Humanity

AI, with machine learning and robotics, has become omnipresent in daily life and across headlines. While innovators are ravishing that it can put an end to nearly all of humanity’s problems – with data and machines making all our decisions in the future – at the same time, the public debate about the impact of these technologies is often fundamentally pessimistic: painting a picture of superintelligent machines taking over the world to dominate and eventually eradicate the human race.

The Long Read

Getting on the Same Wavelength

The German philosopher Immanuel Kant believed that education differs from training in that the former involves thinking whilst the latter, in his view, does not. A staunch advocate of public education, was Kant correct to make the difference? Are education and training not one two sides of the same learning coin? Further still, how does one learn? Thanks to neuroscience, the ways in which we are educated and are trained have become much easier to understand.

Lessons from 2018

Which Direction Will AI take?

Like all technology, AI is neither good nor bad. But like all technology, AI is not neutral.

Machines Making Music

Black Metal AI

As part of our collaboration with Die Graphische, student Valentin Haring writes how music and technology have interacted over the past decades – interviewing DADABOTS, who use machine learning to make music, on what this means for the art today.

Startup Story

An Image Paints A Thousand Data

We sat down and spoke to Juliette Debois, Heuritech's Customer Success Manager to understand how the startup allows brands to better communicate, and connect, with their customer base.

How AI will Create Jobs

I work therefore I am

Is AI going to be a breaker, or a maker, of the jobs market?

The Skeptic Enthusiast

Data Whining

Can we truly understand machines if they are built on falsehoods and fallacies? Questioning the impact of biased data in image recognition.

Long Story Short

What is Transhumanism?

Transhumanism is a loosely defined movement that has developed gradually over the past three decades. It is centred around the belief that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology.

Long Story Short

What is Smart Dust?

Smart Dust is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, chemicals and other stimuli.

Exploring the Unexplored

Digital Ethics To Shape Post AI Societies

Digital technologies have created a wave of transformation that has been over half a century in the making. This incredible shift has brought about new ethical problems and exacerbated existing ones. If we are to continue to capitalize on the wonders of technology and not be consumed by it, we must have a serious conversation about the crucial role of digital ethics in our future.

Long Story Short

What Are Deep Fakes?

Deep fake, a portmanteau of "deep learning" and "fake", is an artificial intelligence-based human image synthesis technique. It is used to combine and superimpose existing images and videos onto source images or videos.


Opening Pandora`s Box

Kings College Professor Mischa Dohler explains how we are opening the Artificial Intelligence "black box". Why this is important, and how this will affect our lives in the future.

Pioneer Podcast

What AI Means for Cybersecurity

We speak to the CEO of FortyTwo, Menny Barzilay, to discuss the future of cybersecurity and its intersection with AI. Covering topics such as the impending cyber-security crisis, how AI can help and hinder this problem, as well as the changing nature of computer viruses, the rise of data poisoning and find out which startups he thinks are making the most gains in this sector today.

The Playlist

Artificial Intelligence /

An analysis of our debut event on AI, the technology that walks the fine line between a world of wonder and one of woe. From cybersecurity to healthcare, discover the nature of one of the world's most polarising technologies.

First it was Seen, Now it is Heard

The Future of Voice

Can you imagine a device you never have to touch? One with no clicks but, instead, conversation? By the year 2020, you will have to imagine no longer. In fact, according to a study carried on by Gartner, in just two-years more than 30% of all web-browsing sessions will be done without a screen. The new interface? Voice.

The Conversation

Healthcare and AI Should be a Force for Public Good

Bart de Witte, Chair Faculty of Digital Health at future/io Institute and Faculty member of University of Applied Science Zürich and Burgenland, sits down and explain how Artificial Intelligence can redraw the healthcare landscape.

Long Story Short

What is the AI Black Box Problem?

Artificial Intelligence’s black box problem is the unsettling realisation that we do not fully understand why the algorithms behind AI act the way they do. As these algorithms continue to permeate our lives with increased vigour, this is a problem which we cannot continue to ignore.

Opening Pandora's Box

Crowdsourcing Morality

In the recent years, AI development has quickly accelerated and is finally making its way into our lives in the form of self-driving cars and smart personal assistants. As AI gets more and more reliable, people are slowly overcoming their suspicions towards it and embracing it as a part of their day-to-day lives. With adoption rates soaring, now is the correct time to switch the focus of the debate to Moral Machine Learning: which ethics do we want machines to have? And how do we bestow these values onto them?

8 takeaways from The Rise of Artificial Intelligence

An analysis of our debut event on AI, the technology that walks the fine line between a world of wonder and one of woe. From cybersecurity to healthcare, discover the nature the most polarising technology of our generation.

Not So Private

Data and Healthcare: it’s time for AI to get ethical

In 1998, Yahoo! shared insightful data with two students who were working together on a thesis titled "The Anatomy of a Large-Scale Hypertextual Web Search Engine". At the time, Yahoo! could never have known that these students would later become the founders of Google – which today dominates 78% of the search market.

The Conversation

Nothing to Fear: No Growth, AI and Education

Dov Frohman, former vice president of Intel Corporation and inventor of the erasable programmable read-only memory, sits down and explain the implications of Artificial Intelligence and how this disruptive technology will transform employment and education.

Into the Unknown


What lies ahead? Exploring the idea that the mediator between head and hands must be the heart if humanity is to thrive in the coming age of the automaton. "But where there is danger, there also grows what saves" – Friedrich Hölderlin