Progressing relentlessly, the Coronavirus that has isolated us and struck us numb is now putting our trust and faith in the world to the test. Afterwords is a series of individual thoughts, words and ideas from around the globe providing an intimate intake on how to figure out our next steps in a world that is different than the one we left behind.

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Moving forward through a crisis

LOVE // Nely Galán is one of the most accomplished media producers and personalities in the Hispanic media industry in the US. She served as the first president of Telemundo USA and has produced nearly 200 shows for TV and online. Nely shares thoughts from previous life changing experiences that have fortified her and helped her move forward maintaining hope and joy.


The new fashion magnetism

AUTHENTICITY // Francesco Tombolini is the President of the Italian Chamber of Luxury. He gives another perspective on a fashion ecosystem that will be driven by value and emerging magnetism.


Chaos and fear fuel creativity

CHAOS // Harold O'Neal, a New York-based jazz pianist, composer, and hip hop dancer, shares his thoughts and new music catalyzed by this crisis' chaos and fear.


Resilient Leadership

LEADERSHIP // Harald Neidhardt is CEO & Curator at futur/io Institute, whose goal is to build sustainable futures. He invites us to rethink the role of Leadership by demonstrating the sense of purpose, perseverance, honesty and vulnerability towards this situation.


The rise of contemporary post-humans

FRAGILITY // Leonardo Caffo is a philosopher, curator and essayist, best known for his theory on antispecism and contemporary Post-human. He explains why today, more than ever before, fragile humanity has reached a "definitive collapse point."


Thinking beyond what is possible

RESILIENCE // Robert Swan, OBE, is the first person to have walked to the South and North Poles. He leads non-profit which seeks to protect the polar ice caps. He explains how resilience saved his life during near-death experiences.


Sharing and connecting in times of adversity

FOREWORD // Robert Wolcott, co-founder and chairman of Twin Global introducing the importance of sharing and connecting in challenging moments of adversity.


The courage to face change

FOREWORD // Tomas Barazza, co-founder of maize and a senior partner at H-FARM opens up about the courage needed to embrace change during times of crisis.