3D printing is set to revolutionize the means of production. Supply chains, design processes and how we interact with materials is entering a new age.

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It's Time For Digital Fabrication

The Factory Around the Corner

Imagine a world where centralized manufacturing plants have been replaced by decentralized factories with 3D printers: with a simple click, your product could be instantly distributed worldwide… The technology is ready: are you?

The future of nutrition

Dinner is Printed

We spoke to Marcio Barradas, CEO and Founder of Moodbytes, a company focused on the application of the latest technologies in the food sector and how 3D printing is changing the game.

Closer to Proximity

How supply chains are changing

Robert Walcott, Clinical Professor at Kellogg School of Management, sits down and explains what he calls "Proximity" and how supply chains are undergoing a momentous change in some parts of the world.

Re-engineering Engineers

Three-Dimensional Thinking: Updating the Design Process

The number one challenge facing 3D printing doesn’t stem from the technology itself. But from the human mindset and from how we understand the design process as a whole. Engineers lack the training to take advantage of 3D printing’s unique potential, and the traditional mantra of reducing objects to their simplest form is completely counter to the capabilities of this new manufacturing process.


Lin Kayser: 3D Printing the Future

We sit down with Entrepreneur Lin Kayser, one of the founders of Hyperganic, a startup focused on developing advanced software technology for 3D printing, and discuss some of the many industry-changing doors 3D printing is opening.