N. 7

October 2019

It's about time

In this issue of maize, we look at seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years from every angle, from history to social norms to arts and science, and even how plants perceive moments. Through compelling storytelling and visuals, we invite you to explore time, and all of its incarnations, with us.


How does a person's job, or the way they spend their days, define their sense of time?

Different states of mind

Laure Gabus

Is time a genuine phenomenon or a metaphor?

The infinite debate around the reality of hours


Exploring dreams and their relation to moments

The timeline of the subconscious

Matteo Bonazzi

In conversation with musician and dancer Harold O'Neal

It's time to take note

Liz Shemaria

How different eras and cultures organize seconds and minutes

A brief history of time


A theoretical physicist's take on one of life's most ethereal questions

The mystery of time


The man who has dedicated his life to time traveling

How to bend time

Liz Shemaria

Tools to track the hours, from ancient to technological calculations

The invention of modern time


Neuropsychologist Marc Wittmann tries to solve the riddle of our calendared lives

The dictatorship of the clock


In the human world, death is inevitable, but some animals have the elixir of life

The immortality of animals

Henry Albert

From Kiribati to the International Space Station

Zoned out on timezones

Henry Albert

A visual history like no other

Cartographies of time


Differences in time perception across the globe

Chronemics and cultures


Sailor Giovanni Soldini's particular sense of time

When at sea


Why more people are getting up with the sun

Productivity before dawn


How can we survive chrono capitalism?

The currency of time

Leonardo Caffo

TV series and temporality

Dark narratives


According to photographers Leonardo Brogioni and Roberta Valtorta, images are both immediate and eternal

Frozen moments