N. 8

December 2019

Contemporary utopias

Explore twelve contemporary utopias — radical visions to help navigate the collective confusion of our realities. Venture through real and imagined ideal cities, contemplate meals that rival religious experiences, and learn about a never-ending archive of the world.


Chico Tillmon works with Chicago youth to break patterns of degradation

Curing a different type of epidemic


Intellectual and artistic manifestations of utopia

Different states of mind


Reinventing the operating system of organizations

Brave new work

Achille Zambon

Will we ever reach a point where we have gender equality in the workplace?

The century gap

Alice Azzolini

Thomas More's 1516 utopia could bring us back to the present

We need More

Riccardo Coluccini

The infinite loop of the utopian dream

The promised land is always promised

Liz Shemaria

Meet one of the oldest sites on the internet

The rabid reviewer

Susanna Marchini

How can we characterize our realities in a foundationless, limitless universe?

Seeing unimaginable futures

Robert C. Wolcott

Michael Pollan has made a career out of telling people what to eat for dinner

Mostly plants, not too much

Laura Pezzino

The ritual of a summit at any cost

Flatland climbers

Susanna Marchini

Arcologies can be considered a precursor of today's smart cities

What is Arcosanti?

Vittoria Traverso

Creativity as a way to save lives

Drill, cut, and sew

Henry Albert

Ideas to expand our realities



Art examining the internet's philosophical and social implications

Paolo Cirio