N. 6

July 2019

Anthropocene. Now what?

As a side effect of its behavior, humanity is changing the world. The effects of this new era are not just territorial or climatic: they’re philosophical, cultural, anthropological — in one world, structural. We won’t easily get away with this, but we should not despair either. Now what?


Tackling climate change

Two Minutes to Midnight

The methane once trapped into the tundra ice is evaporating. New York City, Jakarta and Venice are struggling against the sinking. Rainfalls, flooding and hurricanes are hitting the most vulnerable regions of the planet. Without a global political action, there is very little we can do to avoid an ecological catastrophe.

Carlo Carraro

Turning soya into a commodity

Lords of Food


How can a civilization teach itself how to die?

Chronicles of a fading-out civilization


Reshaping what we depict, and how.

The aesthetics of catastophe

Mauro Ceolin

Escaping society through the wood door

Cabin porn