N. 9 - June 2020

Relentless evolution

In this exceptionally uncertain and challenging moment in history, we are more than ever urged, if not compelled at all, to change: We have to prove to ourselves, and to the planet on which we live, that we can evolve — at the right time, and in the right direction. But what is evolution? How did we get here, and how do we get from here?

N. 8 - December 2019

Contemporary utopias

Explore twelve contemporary utopias — radical visions to help navigate the collective confusion of our realities. Venture through real and imagined ideal cities, contemplate meals that rival religious experiences, and learn about a never-ending archive of the world.

N. 7 - October 2019

It's about time

In this issue of maize, we look at seconds, minutes, hours, days, and years from every angle, from history to social norms to arts and science, and even how plants perceive moments. Through compelling storytelling and visuals, we invite you to explore time, and all of its incarnations, with us.

N. 6 - July 2019

Anthropocene. Now what?

As a side effect of its behavior, humanity is changing the world. The effects of this new era are not just territorial or climatic: they’re philosophical, cultural, anthropological — in one world, structural. We won’t easily get away with this, but we should not despair either. Now what?