Tomas Barazza

Tomas Barazza

Strategy & Innovation Culture at H-FARM and Founder of Wethod.



After graduating in Economics and Business studies from the Ca' Foscari University of Venice, he obtained a Master’s degree in Innovation Management from the University of Sant’Anna, Pisa, after which he started his career in large, multinational consultancy companies, followed by a few years at Benetton Group, focusing on organizational change. Spending the next 10 years in consulting industry, he managed to consolidate and create a solid approach focused on projects specifically regarding large organizational change. In 2006, he left consultancy behind and focused solely on innovation: founding a startup. The fertile ground of our ecosystem has allowed him to launch several other initiatives that are today collectively known as the Strategy & Innovation Culture, H-FARM's business unit dedicated to strategy, digital culture and service design.

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A new narrative

Drive innovation through storytelling

For an organisation to succeed today, it needs to enable and foster innovation by providing the correct “operating systems”. Operating systems can mean anything palpable that makes an organisation work: technology, budgets, profits, equipment. But can also mean the intangible: its atmosphere, culture, and unique story.

Tomas Barazza