Thami Schweichler

Thami Schweichler

Director and Founder at Makers Unite



Thami Schweichler is a social designer and entrepreneur based in Amsterdam. Founder and director of Makers Unite - An award winning social enterprise providing a platform for inclusion of refugees with creative background in The Netherlands. Thami comes from a background in product design, having studied at University of Sao Paulo in Brazil, ENSCI-Les Ateliers in France and University of Santa Clarara in USA. Previously worked on the development of Kibo Africa, a social venture proving a moto-taxi service system and products in Kenya.

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Human principles of existence

SOLIDARITY // Thami Schweichler is an award-winning social entrepreneur and designer based in Amsterdam. He shares hopeful thoughts about the economy of care and how solidarity can help humanity get back to its principles of existence using creativity and direct action.

Thami Schweichler