Sridhar Iyengar

Sridhar Iyengar

Founder & CEO, Elemental Machines



Sridhar Iyengar CEO & Founder A serial entrepreneur in connected medical devices and wearables, Sridhar is focused on strategy and management at Elemental Machines.

Previously, Sridhar was a founder and director of Misfit, makers of elegant wearable products, which was acquired by Fossil in 2015. Prior to Misfit, he founded AgaMatrix, a blood glucose monitoring company that made the world’s first medical device connecting directly to the iPhone.

AgaMatrix shipped 15+ FDA-cleared medical products, 2B+ biosensors, 6M+ glucose meters, with partnerships with Apple, Sanofi, and Walgreens. Sridhar holds over 30 US and international patents and received his Ph.D. from Cambridge University as a Marshall Scholar. Beyond Elemental Machines, Sridhar has been known to run 13.1 miles on occasion and has sometimes been spotted on stage behind a wall of drums.

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Sridhar Iyengar