Robert Kuefner

Robert Kuefner




Robert has been a part of the cryptoworld since the turn of the decade as the founder of the first publicly-listed company in Europe to focus solely on DLT - Smart Equity AG. Robert invested in the Ethereum crowdsale after meeting with Dr. Gavin Wood, and has since gone to found which serves to connect the real world with the vast potential of Distributed Ledger Technology.

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A Revolution in the Making

Built on Trust: Distributed Ledger Technology

In the same way that most people who use the internet seem to be more interested in what it does rather than how it does it, the technological genius behind Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies often goes unexplored. While understanding the way Distributed Ledger Technology works isn’t essential to one’s ability to use applications built on it— having a basic knowledge on how it works will help you understand why it’s considered to be revolutionary and why the hype surrounding DLT is well-founded.

Robert Kuefner