Nimrod Kozlovski

Nimrod Kozlovski

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Dr. Nimrod Kozlovski, who conducted his research at Yale, today teaches Cyber & Entrepreneurship at Tel Aviv University and Kelogg, is a technological entrepreneur, an advisor and a venture capital investor.

Dr. Kozlovski closely follows the intersection between technology, society, and law. In his ongoing research he tests what stands behind the algorithmic point systems that dictate our lives, and how reality as we know it is changing right in front of us.

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Predicting Crime with Technology

We as human beings are engineered to predict risk. When we shake hands with a stranger, we are evolutionarily programmed to detect on their fingers traces for attraction or fear. Director of JVP Venture Capital discusses the ever-growing power of "Predictive Policing" and how technology is surpassing our own human predictive capabilities.

Nimrod Kozlovski