Moriella Kowalski

Moriella Kowalski

H-FARM Senior Manager at Strategy Innovation Culture



In almost 20 years of multicultural experience in consultancy, product development, marketing and program management Moriella had the opportunity to work in various European and Middle Eastern countries across industries and business sectors.

Passionate about organisations, education and people strategy Moriella has supported many companies in designing progressive and strategic transformation journeys following key leaders in redefining their mindset and skills focusing on culture and engagement strategies.

In H-FARM Moriella is part of the Human Innovation Culture team working with large corporates in Europe on digital transformation projects while building international strategic alliances and partnerships. 

In the past 6 years, Moriella has been actively involved as a founding member of a private elementary school in Treviso, Italy. The school is the biggest home school in Italy and part of a non-profit project developed by a group of parents and teachers who share a similar education ideology and the desire to offer an alternative education opportunity to families and children. Moriella is part of the board of directors and directly responsible for all communication, marketing and PR activities of the school as well as fund raising, promotion and growth plan.

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Luminous Beings Are We, Not This Crude Matter.


When working with corporates and discussing innovation, two distinct attitudes emerge when addressing potential future scenarios. Although different, what these two approaches lead to is the overarching understanding that putting the human factor first – will definitely become a differentiator in capitalizing on new forms of innovation for the future.

Moriella Kowalski