Mauro Bordignon

Mauro Bordignon

Head of School at H-International School



Mauro Bordignon was born in Treviso in 1967. He graduated in Law from the University of Parma and he has since become a professional jazz saxophonist. After two years of forensic practice, he decided to pursue the profession of musician and started teaching Law and Economics at Collegio Vescovile Pio X, the same one he attended after classical high school.

Since 2002, he has written textbooks on Law and Political Economics for ParaMond, now Pearson Italia, with over ten publications on these subjects. In 2013, he started Pio X International, a four-year International school leading to the prestigious IB International Diploma, recognized worldwide, including Italy. In January 2016 he took the role of Head of School at H-International School.

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Learning for the Innovation Age

School Rules

The way we live and work today is completely different than the way we did in the past. Why, then, do we keep on educating young generations the exact, same way as we did back then? And how can we change this? (Short answer: tossing an iPad in the classroom won’t help).

Mauro Bordignon