Matteo Bonazzi

Matteo Bonazzi

Philosopher and Clinical Psychologist



Matteo Bonazzi earned a PhD in philosophy, is a clinical psychologist, a member of OT / Orbis Tertius and is a participant in the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis. He also conducts research at the University of Milan-Bicocca, teaches at CISA Lugano, and at the clinical section of the Freudian Institute of Milan. In addition to various essays, he is the author of Write contingency. Experience, language, writing in Jacques Lacan (Pisa, 2009) and Lacan and the policies of the unconscious. Clinic of the contemporary imagination (Milan, 2012).

Top article

Exploring dreams and their relation to moments

The timeline of the subconscious

On the psychoanalyst's couch, the unconscious follows its own timeline, which has nothing to do with the duration of the present experience. This exploration of dream-like states provides a surprising look at how we process the events of our lives.

Matteo Bonazzi