Mark van Rijmenam

Mark van Rijmenam

Founder of and Datafloq

The Netherlands


Founder of and Datafloq, named global top 10 Big Data influencer and one of the most influential Blockchain people. Keynote speaker on Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Big Data and how these emerging technologies change organisations. Author of the best-selling book Think Bigger. My second book on Blockchain for social good is due in 2018. Pursuing a PhD on how companies change due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain and Big Data.

I am an entrepreneur with a drive for (disruptive) innovation and to make a difference and inspire others. My aim is to be a catalyst for global innovation and to enable organizations and societies to tackle some of the world's biggest challenges. 

I believe in sustainable, social and economic responsibility when doing business or creating my companies. Let's use the latest trends such as Big Data, the Blockchain, Virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, Nanotechnology or 3D printing to change and improve the world and create a better place for all.

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In 2015, Mark van Rijmenam moved to Australia to begin his PhD at the University of Technology in Sydney. By then, he had already begun to focus his dissertation on Big Data, having only heard and written lightly about the blockchain and still unable to fully grasp it entirely. However one day by happenstance, Mark joined a workshop about the blockchain: it was so eye-opening that he eventually changed his mind and decided to focus his dissertation on it.

Mark van Rijmenam