Mariarosaria Taddeo

Mariarosaria Taddeo

Research Fellow (Tenure) and Deputy Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, University of Oxford



Dr Mariarosaria Taddeo is Research Fellow (tenure) at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, where she is the Deputy Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, and is Faculty Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute. Her recent work focuses mainly on the ethical analysis of Artificial Intelligence, cyber security, cyber conflicts, and ethics of digital innovation. Her area of expertise is Philosophy and Ethics of Information. Dr Taddeo has been awarded The Simon Award for Outstanding Research in Computing and Philosophy. She also received the World Technology Award for Ethics for her work on cyber conflicts. Since 2016, Taddeo serves as editor-in-chief of Minds & Machines (SpringerNature) and of Philosophical Studies Series (SpringerNature).

Dr. Taddeo was also recently nominated among InspiringFifty's "Top 50 Inspiring Italian Women in AI and Technology". InspiringFifty is at the forefront of promoting gender diversity in the technology sector. 

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Digital Ethics To Shape Post AI Societies

Digital technologies have created a wave of transformation that has been over half a century in the making. This incredible shift has brought about new ethical problems and exacerbated existing ones. If we are to continue to capitalize on the wonders of technology and not be consumed by it, we must have a serious conversation about the crucial role of digital ethics in our future.

Mariarosaria Taddeo