Limor Lahiani

Limor Lahiani

Principal Lead, Partner Catalyst at Microsoft



A curious thinker on a constant journey of growing and evolving. 

Limor Lahiani is passionate about people and technology (in that order) and excited about what their future holds.

Ever since she was young she has loved having intellectual discussions. She sees a good discussion as a mind exercise and a way of practicing the ability to see things from a different angle, often by representing opinions and thoughts which counter her own.

Lahiani likes to challenge others and herself to consider alternative ways to look at things whilst overcoming the urge to prove or disprove them. To play with ideas, to observe even the slightest resistance – as it may indicate a belief that has been shaken up –that can be the beginning of an exciting self-exploration.

In her day to day work, Lahiani is a software engineering manager at Microsoft, leading a team with a unique task: Engaging with industry innovators and startups to help solving their challenging technical problems, and sharing the solutions with the broader community. She joined Microsoft nearly 10 years ago, after graduating her PhD in Computer Science.

Outside her work, she explores the effect of technology in general, and AI in particular, on humans. She sees technology as a driver for personal development and consciousness growth, both in the individual and the collective level.

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A Positive View on the Future of AI and Humans

How AI presents a Unique Opportunity for Humanity

Artificial Intelligence has now entered the public debate. Everyone, everywhere are more aware of AI and the changes it could bring than ever before. As with any advanced technology, there is a risk that it can be abused, and many worries about what AI will mean for humanity are grounded in logic. However much of what gets covered in the press is not only negative but speculative – apocalyptic visions of an intelligent AI taking over. I choose to focus on a more positive aspect of AI, it’s effect on humanity and the positive process I believe we humans are going through as we develop it.

Limor Lahiani