Idit Harel

Idit Harel

Founder, Former CEO and Board Chair at Globaloria.



Dr. Idit Harel is an Israeli-American entrepreneur, award-winning EdTech innovator, fearless tech futurist, published author, and visionary education-industry disruptor. She spent a decade at Harvard Graduate School of Education and the MIT Media Lab, where she also received the AERA Outstanding Book Award for “Children Designers,” her pioneering PhD work in first-gen computer-rich schools. Idit has been the founding CEO of MaMaMedia (kids Internet media company), World Wide Workshop (global innovation incubator), and Globaloria (computer science learning platform, acquired by Carnegie Learning in 2017). She has been mentoring entrepreneurs and serving on board and advisories in higher-ed, tech and media companies.

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Children Designers

Constructionist Learning Theory

In this month’s Pioneer Podcast, we speak to Idit Harel. Idit is an epistemologist, a learning sciences researcher and pioneer of constructionist learning based Ed-Tech interventions. In this episode, we delve into Idit's past experiences, explore her latest book, Children Designers, and hear her explanation of constructionist learning theory and different business models.

Idit Harel