Guido Polcan

Guido Polcan

Strategy & Innovation Culture



After a career in advertising and video clips, Guido soon realised that he was particularly attracted to the magical world of animation and vfx with great passion for teaching and sharing with others the existing secrets of animation. The result of this journey was a school called Big Rock which he cofounded in 2005. The Insitute of Magic Technologies, dedicated to making young creative minds dream, which today create the characters and the visual effects for the films we see at the cinema.

Guido’s entrepreneurial attitude soon drove him to share his expertise with the larger H-Farm family and in 2014 he joined the Human Innovation Culture team helping companies dream, work differently and have fun while doing it. Today he is mainly focused on innovation strategies, organisational models, technology, digital culture and virtual reality, often put together in a unique mix.

In his personal life Guido continues to invest in new projects and startups while maintaining curiosity and promoting a healthy work-life balance through intense outdoor experiences, sports and travels all over the world.

Top article

Finding the Human Factor in R+

All That Glitters is Not Gold

R+ (Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality) has increasingly become something of a fascination for companies today. Businesses are seeing this technology as a window into other worlds, the beginning of the future and their answer to innovation. However, its trending status, a culmination of a number of factors, has to be grounded in a better understanding of user-centricity and humanity, else businesses run the risk of getting it very wrong. Fortunately, there are many different avenues companies can take to ensure that they get it very right.

Guido Polcan