Gregor Gimmy

Gregor Gimmy

Founder & Head of BMW Startup Garage



Gregor’s work and research focuses on leveraging startups to boost innovation. Gregor is a co-founder of the BMW Startup Garage, and Executive in Residence at IMD Business School. He advises corporations on how to innovate through startups and invests himself in early stage companies. Before BMW, Gregor started various businesses in Silicon Valley and Europe. Prior, Gregor worked at IDEO (Palo Alto), which he helped transform into a strategic innovation consultancy, and Roland Berger Strategy Consultants. Gregor studied at TU Stuttgart, Harvard and the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. He lives with his family in Munich.

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The Venture Client Model

Imagine it's 1993 and a startup approaches you. It offers a new kind of phone that is mobile, meaning that is not fixed to a building, weighs five kilos, breaks off every two minutes, and costs ten thousand dollars. Would you want your whole company’s communication to rely on that technology? Probably not.

Gregor Gimmy