Gijs Gootjes

Gijs Gootjes

Head of Organization & Strategy at Digital Society School

The Netherlands


Working on Design Challenges in Amsterdam Creative Industries.

Special focus on the power of multidisciplinary teamwork using design methods as a common language in projects. 

Special interest in digital media & technology.

In an international network, I work on Design Across Cultures. A collaboration between multidisciplinary, multicultural teams, using the undeniable force of cultural differences and similarities as a design strategy to locally have impact on global issues.

Top article

Shaping the Smart City and Citizens of the Future

The Digital Society School

We sat down with members of The Digital Society School, a branch of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences Faculty of Digital Media & Creative Industries. The centre conducts research projects focused on the digital transformation of societies, examining how cities can be shaped by the new needs of what they call “digital citizens”.

Gijs Gootjes