Epi Ludvik

Epi Ludvik

Founder & CEO, Crowdsourcing week, and BOLD Awards



Epi Ludvik is a leading expert and thought leader in crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. He is Founder & CEO of Crowdsourcing Week, the global forum and conference on the Crowd Economy.

A frequent public speaker, Epi coined the term "social productivity" to represent the future of engagement and innovation for result-driven organizations. 

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Opening Pandora's Box

Crowdsourcing Morality

In the recent years, AI development has quickly accelerated and is finally making its way into our lives in the form of self-driving cars and smart personal assistants. As AI gets more and more reliable, people are slowly overcoming their suspicions towards it and embracing it as a part of their day-to-day lives. With adoption rates soaring, now is the correct time to switch the focus of the debate to Moral Machine Learning: which ethics do we want machines to have? And how do we bestow these values onto them?

Epi Ludvik