Enrico Santarelli

Enrico Santarelli

Chief Marketing Officer of Clementoni and the father of Matteo, Luca and Giorgio



Enrico – 45 years old, with a degree in economics and MBA from the Politecnico di Milano – is an Executive with more than 20 years of professional experience during which he has successfully dealt with corporate and business transformations (including digitally-enabled) and faced challenging market scenarios, both in small/medium size companies (including private equity-owned enterprises and family businesses) and in larger, complex and international contexts.

After the first years of his career in strategic consulting at BCG, Enrico moved on to industry, working in very different sectors: from household appliances to toys, public services and packaging: today Enrico works at Clementoni, holding the position of Chief Marketing Officer.

Strategy, Business Development, Marketing and Product Development are the areas in which Enrico has developed vertical skills. Moreover, for some years now, he has been working assiduously in Innovation, both as a line manager and as an advisor, mentor and board member of start-ups and scale-ups.

Enrico is the father of three children, Matteo, Luca and Giorgio.

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Building a future by being fully present

FAMILY // Enrico is the chief marketing officer of Clementoni and the father of Matteo, Luca, and Giorgio. Enrico and his sons reflect upon the impact this lockdown has had on children in general and on family dynamics in particular. They speak about discovering new values and new opportunities for creating deeper interpersonal relationships both within the family, extended family, and peers. Luca and Matteo also share their thoughts about school and learning, based on the new experiences that they have had during this period of lockdown.

Enrico Santarelli