Davide Bartolucci

Davide Bartolucci

Founder and CEO, SHADO



Founder and CEO of SHADO. 

SHADO is a company born to design next generation TV channels and interactive formats that can reach everyone in every way. Today’s TV experiences are short, on-demand, on-the-go, cross-platform, viral and user-generated and the advertising market is starting to join this global opportunity.

At SHADO we know that "attention" is the new wealth in the digital market and for this reason SHADO is working to design strong, brilliant and high-performing content.

SHADO provides ideas, products and services both to broadcasters that want to join the internet in the most innovative way, and to top brands that are ready to use TV as a communication language with the ability to generate revenue from content, thus becoming fully fledged media companies.

SHADO is a company growing in H-FARM.

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Davide Bartolucci