Carlo Boccadoro

Carlo Boccadoro

Carlo Boccadoro is an Italian pianist, composer and musicologist.



Graduated in piano and percussion instruments , he studied jazz improvisation technique with maestro Giorgio Gaslini . He is numbered among the most famous contemporary Italian composers.

Author of symphonic and chamber music, he writes music for theater and dance, collaborating regularly with Moni Ovadia.

Alongside his activity as a musician, he is also a musicologist writer and his works have been published by EDT , Garzanti , Marcos y Marcos and Longanesi.

He is one of the founders, together with Filippo Del Corno and Angelo Miotto, of the cultural project "Sentieri selvaggi", a contemporary music ensemble in residence at the Elfo Puccini theater in Milan, which for 14 years has been on the international music scene with several participations in the most prestigious Italian and foreign musical seasons.

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Carlo Boccadoro