Barak Berkowitz

Barak Berkowitz

Director Operation & Strategy at MIT Media Lab



Barak is the Director of Operation and Strategy at the MIT Media Lab. Experienced in consumer technology, he’s also the founder of MarketCentrix, a consultancy firm focused on strategy for tech companies, startups, VCs, and corporates.

Previously he covered different roles in the tech sector: he was CEO of Evi Technologies, a virtual assistant sold to Amazon that is the engine intelligence behind Alexa; he was also Managing Director of Wolfram Alpha, Chairman and CEO of SixApart, Co-Founder and President of OmniSky, EVP and General Manager of the Go Network (Disney owned portal) as well as General Manager for Logitech. His career began in Apple USA and Apple Japan, leading to consumer marketing programs.

Finally, he is an investor and advisor for multiple tech companies, including open-source educational startup LittleBits.

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The path to Generalised AI

Multiple not multipurpose

There are some who say that worrying about AI is like worrying about overpopulation on Mars – irrelevant to the world today. They forget that every technology seems to develop incredibly slowly until doesn’t. AI is an inevitably, and at some point, we will produce human-like AIs even if progression and growth are slowed down to a fraction of what they are today. Even if we do not reach the popularized humanoid robot, AI is still set to disrupt our societies in every way imaginable.

Barak Berkowitz