Bart de Witte

Bart de Witte

Director Digital Health IBM DACH



Bart de Witte, is Director of Digital Health DACH at IBM Germany. In this role he leads the newly formed Digital Health Unit, focusing on digital Health transformation, stimulating innovation in the DACH health sector, leveraging the company’s investments around cognitive solutions and Watson Health.

Bart De Witte has over 17 years of experience in the digital health sector, calls himself a healthcare nerd and has been involved in leading edge technologies and new IT businesses, including intimate involvement as a mentor in the formation and growth of a dozen startups within the healthcare sector. He is passionate about technology and data-driven transformation of healthcare systems, brings a wealth of experience and understands well the barriers for innovation in healthcare. 

Bart de Witte holds degrees from different universities in Belgium and has followed several other post-university tracks at national and international business schools, including Harvard Business School. Bart de Witte is a faculty member of guest lecturer of the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich on digital health, and is a founder of the Austrian Quantified Self Organization.

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Bart de Witte