Eytan Avriel

Eytan Avriel

Founder & Magazine Editor, The Marker/Ha'aretz



Eytan Avriel is a founder of TheMarker/Ha'aretz, the leading and influential business media provider in Israel. He currently serves as Editor-in-Chief of TheMarker Magazine, editor of conventions, and as one of the group's leading op-ed columnist. Eytan is a frequent guest at many of Israel's TV and Radio news programs, where he comments on business, economic and social issues. Eytan led or co-led the launches of TheMarker website in 2000, TheMarker Finance which is a trading information system (2000), TheMarker Magazine (2001), TheMarker Daily Newspaper (2005), TheMarkerCafé Social Network (2006), TheMarker TV, and numerous other products on cellular phones and tablets.

Before founding TheMarker, Eytan was business editor, business manager and subcontractor for the Israeli branch of Reuters Plc, a leading international news and financial data provider. He consulted clients on investment banking and financial IR/PR, and managed a financial information platform that he developed, later sold to Reuters. Eytan holds a BSc in business and biology and an MBA in financial engineering, both from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In 2004, Eytan initiated a SEC commission to set an ethical code for economic websites. He occasionally lectures at the Tel Aviv University the Hebrew University, the IDC center in Hertzelia and other forums. He is an alumnus of the Singularity University at Silicon Valley. Eytan writes on financial markets, macroeconomics and crony capitalism, hi-tech and broad socio-economic issues He is an IDF Navy underwater expert, he likes diving, sailing and all matters of off-road activities. His other hobbies include reading economic books and academic research, SEC filings and IMF/OECD reports.

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A third way

The dangers of a Winner Take All economy

As with any other economic system, capitalism is capable of creating market failures. With no defined rules, crooked politicians and businessmen can often lead to companies that by definition are very similar to large-scale criminal organizations. This is one of the worst examples, but it is a very human-centric one. In the future the greatest potential to generate even bigger market failures will come from technology.

Eytan Avriel