Andrea Dusio

Andrea Dusio


Milan, Italy


Andrea Dusio is a journalist who has collaborated with Diario, Il Giornale, Giudizio Universale, Pagina99, Il Nuovo, Linkiesta, e Gli Stati Generali. He also coordinates a series of business-to-business publications dealing with politics and the economics of cinema and audiovisual for the publisher Tespi. He studied modern literature at the University of Milan, researching church history in collaboration with the National Historical Archive of the Canton of Ticino. He has written extensively about ancient and contemporary art, rock, and jazz music, for many publications. His publications include, Altra Milano (Espress Edizioni), a historical / artistic guide dedicated Milanese suburbs.

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Music's utopian dream

On the edge of sound

Music provides an escape from the darkness of our lives, giving us the possibility to transcend time. But does sound really provide a vehicle with which to attain an imagined Shangri-La?

Andrea Dusio