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— An analysis of our debut event on AI, the technology that walks the fine line between a world of wonder and one of woe. From cybersecurity to healthcare, discover the nature of one of the world's most polarising technologies.

This is a collection of the talks which charged our debut event on Artificial Intelligence.


Pascal Weinberger / The Bright Side of AI

So, what is the State of Artificial Intelligence today? And which projects best represent the capabilities of AI? What awaits us tomorrow? This first talk explains the positives of this technology, presenting the opportunities that it holds and the current state of AI.


Menny Barzilay / The Dark Side of AI

Undoubtedly, technology can help humanity grow smarter and better itself. At the same time, it is also used as a weapon, a scenario for which we must ever be prepared for. Cybersecurity is an example of this duality, and Artificial Intelligence contributes significantly to both cyber attacks and defence.


Roberto Mancone / AI and Finance

There are some sectors that in the short term will benefit from AI more than others. The Financial and Insurance sector are two of these. But what are the main changes? And how will this impact our lives differently tomorrow from how it already does today?


Reza Khorshidi / AI and Insurance

Discover how AI is infiltrating the Insurance sector. Why this technology is so crucial to the future of insurance and what big changes are being made today.


Mischa Dohler / Explainable AI

As seen, AI is one of the most polarising technologies of this generation. That being said, what happens if we don't understand how AI algorithms work? What will happen if we fail to address these black boxes, and how can we ever hope to?  


Bart de Witte / AI and Healthcare

AI is disrupting the healthcare industry. New, intelligent services now allow humans to protect and improve their health, while healthcare providers will be able to prevent, identify and cure diseases before patients even show any clinical symptoms. How is health sector evolving? How can healthcare be accessible to all?


Scott David / Design Thinking and AI

In 2009, Tim Brown highlighted the concept of Design Thinking – beginning with the idea that when it is applied to companies, it can help them to flourish in their decision-making processes and evolve their creative competitiveness. The question today is how to design AI and Cognitive technologies and weave them into our organisations.


Lone Frank / What AI Means for Humanity

Ultimately, we must understand how this technology impacts our societies. This depends not just on AI but on ourselves too. Country, politics, culture, what can we learn from these pillars of civilisation in relation to this technology and what can we learn about ourselves as a result of this?



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