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Nicklas Bergman

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We spoke to author and the futurist, Nicklas Bergman, who is preoccupied with the question of how technology is changing our society. He shared with us two pieces of predictive analysis for 2019, and how he got to some of his conclusions.

 Techstorm™ Winter Forecast 

Author of Navigating the Techstorm, he shares with us his Techstorm™ Winter Forecast, a top 10 list that’s going through some notable changes as we enter 2019:

 Nicklas had this to say: 

"Blockchain is moving up the list, despite the bursting Bitcoin bubble. Lately, through all the ICO scam noise, I’ve actually started seeing some really interesting use cases in a number of industries.

Autonomous Vehicles is morphing into "Mobility Solutions" to include the broader change in how we view mobility. This includes everything from self-driving cars and drone delivery to ride-sharing and the ”world-wide” phenomenon of electric scooters. Hello VCs!

Robots are still fascinating, but going down the list despite that. The tech is developing rapidly, but we can’t seem to find the perfect use case. Still mostly YouTube click-bait.

Two new technologies on the list are Human Enhancement, i.e. everything from advanced prosthetics to NFC implants and hard-core DIY gene editing (yeah, really), and Quantum Computing, yet another technology where everyone is talking about it without really understanding how it works. Yes, it’s complicated, but Canada’s PM Trudeau can help you understand."

 Techstorm 42 Forecast Grid 

On the flip side, is Nicklas' Techstorm 42 Forecast Grid. The grid, comprises of the technologies that have the potential to change the game. The forecast is rather self-explanatory, with strategic urgencies and importance defining which technologies Nicklas believes businesses and individuals should be taking note of.

Nicklas' latest book Navigating the TechStorm, is out now.


Nicklas Bergman
Nicklas Bergman

Entrepreneur, Deep Tech Investor, Futurist.