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We chat to Founder of Kreait Maks Giordano to find out what makes him tick. In the past, Maks has joined us on the Pioneer Podcast, and his 23+ years in digital has seen him become a household name both in digital strategy and creative scenes.


I am a total music addict and fanatic and listen to music daily for several hours.

Here´s 1884 Songs I like


Burning Man




Tim Ferriss (check out his Podcast)

Gary Vaynerchuck

John Hagel

Elon Musk


I have to admit that I am obsessed with Biographies. I always read two/three biographies in parallel. 

The works of Walter Isaacson on Einstein and Steve Jobs, are among my favorites.

I think that non-fiction biographies are often way more dramatic and exciting than fictional books.


Favorite Science Fiction Book of all time: Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.

If you consider when it is written, it is probably the most visionary and influential SciFi piece of literature ever… Period.

I also read a lot of other non-fiction books, from science to buddhistic literature. Currently my favorite author of the latter is Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche. Every book is amazing, especially the ones about meditation.

And every single one of Tim Ferriss' books – I'm a huge fan.


Wes Anderson 

Christopher Nolan

Tim Burton

David Lynch

Quentin Tarantino


Muse Headband for Meditation

Pin Collective interactive Badge

Moov Tracker for Swimming

DJI Spark Drone

Samsung Gear VR

Microsoft HoloLens

Oculus Rift

Jabra Bluetooth Heartbeat Headphones

Withings Scale


Philips Hue


Maks Giordano
Maks Giordano

Creative strategist and futurist