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By Limor Lahiani October 23rd, 2017

— A smart list of startups, links, movies, books, art and wonders.

Limor Lahiani, Director of Microsoft's Partner Catalyst team, gives us some insight into her favourite startups of the moment. And provides a medley of some of her favourite events, books and artists and more that have inspired her work.


Zebra Medical Vision 

Industry: Health Care, Artificial Intelligence, Human Computer Interaction.

Founded: 2014

Zebra was founded to help patients, physicians and healthcare providers receive and provide better, faster, more accurate care by using the most advanced machine learning and computer vision tools available.


Industry: Local Business, Bitcoin, Developer APIs, Local Shopping, FinTech.

Founded: 2014

By giving people the ability to exchange digital cash directly with one another Colu is creating a new way of thinking about money that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses.


Industry: Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Information Technology.

Founded: 2011

Miroculus provides microRNA detection platform from body fluids and analyzes them on the cloud.


Industry: Health Care, Medical, Information Technology.

Founded: 2014

Myndlift provides innovative tools for enhancing cognitive abilities, as well as serving as an alternative for ADHD treatment without involving medications, and no side-effects, by relying on a powerful, evidence-based technique in the most affordable, and easily-accessible way.


Industry: Speech Recognition, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence.

Founded: 2014

Our vision is a world where intelligent machines work hand-in-hand with people to advance the collective intelligence of the human species and bring about positive social and economic impacts.


Industry: Fitness, Health Care, Mobile Apps, Wellness, Events.

Founded: 2010

Headspace is an award-winning digital health platform, providing guided meditation sessions and mindfulness training. With hundreds of hours of content, it is acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive secular programmes for meditation and mindfulness.

Smog Free Project,

Not necessarily a startup but a really inspiring idea nonetheless.


Burning Man:

A social experiment in the desert. I think of it as a playground for experiencing and reflection. What do we chose to be when we are allowed to be whatever we want without others’ judgment? I discovered I’m not as playful as I want to be and that unfortunately, I still have some residues of judgment. To me, it’s also an experiment of how wonderful life we could create when giving without expecting anything in return.


TED Talk: Fighting Bias in Algorithms. To me, AI and ML are mirrors to our society and they expose our flaws as a human society. Our biases are in the data. The conscious and the unconscious ones. Acknowledging them is the first step before correcting them.


Rise of Robots by Martin Ford. It’s the book I’m currently reading. I believe automation and AI will be good in the long-term and drive us towards basic income for everyone. However, I am concerned about the impact in the short term. 

Swarm: Start Force (book #1) by B.V. Larson. This book reminded why I loved reading sci-fi when I was a teenager. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.


Naziha Mestaoui: through her work, Naziha invites us to use technologies to reconnect with nature.

Liat Segal: Segal uses technology to build machines that create art. 


Design at the intersection of Technology and Biology by Neri Oxman.


Art in the Age of Machine Intelligence, by Blaise Aguera y Arcas

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