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Gregor Gimmy April 13th, 2018

— A smart list of startups, companies, people, places and more.

We spoke to Gregor Gimmy, Founder & Head of BMW Startup Garage to find out some of the people, companies and startups today who keep him inspired, as well as the importance of the Venture Client model.

Uff, there are so many - and that is the point of the venture client model. It is about scaling the number of great startups a corporate should work with each year. For a corporation, working with startups should not be about finding the next Facebook or Uber. It is about working with hundreds of young market leaders with cutting edge tech (every year!). Young leaders who have significantly better solutions than your current partners or internal teams. Imagine, how fast and efficient your innovation engine would become, if only 1 or 2% of your current suppliers would be leading startup companies – many Corporations today work with plus 10k suppliers! At BMW we have identified over 20.000 startups with a total of over 50 billion in R&D budget per annum (aka VC capital). 

This "playlist" is not so much about individual startups, but sectors, in which startups play a key role:

AI, Cyber, IoT, Robotics, Haptics, Smart Materials, Logistics, HR, Batteries. 

And a couple of other things worthy of a mention:


Gregor Gimmy

Gregor Gimmy

I saw what [that startup is] doing, and it was better than what we were doing...We cancelled our internal project and cut a deal [with that startup]... – Steve Jobs

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