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We spoke to Deputy Director of Operations of Scuderia-E Gianfranco Pizzuto about seven companies which are keeping him inspired today.


NEXT Future Mobility

Next is a 'swarm vehicle', that greatly outperforms conventional transportation when used in conjunction with other modules. Its strength lies in its considerably greater room for optimization compared to conventional cars. A swarm of Next modules improves traffic fluidity, commute time, running costs and pollution prevention by optimizing each module occupancy rate, while being backed by solid design choices.


Freewire Technologies

Founded out of UC Berkeley's Haas MBA program, FreeWire is a group of passionate professionals and engineers building advanced battery systems to displace fossil fuel generation.



With electric mobility, charging and billing is a topic you cannot avoid. With intelligent charging and billing solutions, ubitricity has been fostering electric mobility for years. The patented, mobile electricity meter is a practical solution to many challenges.


Billions in Change 

It isn't a startup but I strongly support their vision because they have many projects that concretely change the lives of people in developing countries for the better. At the head of the innovation and project department is my former engineer from Fisker Automotive, Billy Tally.


Rockstar of Science

A company owned by Chip Yates, an absolutely brilliant character who developed one of the first battery-powered electric planes in aviation history. We started to exchange technical information on batteries, who knows what might come from it.



evway by Route 220 aims to provide a complete and innovative service for ev-drivers. This led to the idea of a platform to support them, mapping all charging stations in Italy and Europe and providing useful information, such as place, power, socket type, access modalities, possible need for a card, and so on.



GrapheneUP, a leader company in the production and application of graphene.


Gianfranco Pizzuto
Gianfranco Pizzuto

Founder and Managing Director at Scuderia-E