Explored through the eyes of entrepreneurial, tech and academically orientated minds, the goal of Maize is to explore the most complex elements of technology and create a conscious awareness of how it intersects with humanity.

Dedicated to those who seek new ways to develop foresight, Maize aims to sow the seeds of innovation and debate. A staple, a cornerstone, a contribution to a world shaped by technology to provide you with food for thought.

WHY “maize”?

Just like our namesake, our platform is the harvest of the farm of the future and is the culmination of H-FARM’s widespread, international and well-informed network. Maize is set to (a)maize our global audience and become the basis of their intellectual diets.

H-FARM was born and continues to grow in a place where water and earth collide, blending in with a never-ending landscape.

In the heart of this magical territory, we are working to build a true innovation hub. A place where companies, students and young entrepreneurs meet and bring the future to life.

H-FARM is an innovative platform that:

Supports the creation of new business models through investments in startups.
Drives the transformation of big corporations through a digital perspective.
Provides high-level digital education to both students and professionals.

H-FARM’s unique network of beautiful minds will collaborate with Maize and contribute to an extended library of knowledge.


Tenuta Ca' Tron
Via Sile, 41 – 31056 Roncade
Treviso – Italy