Matteo Scanni

Journalist, Professor of Journalism at UCSC Milan, H-FARM Innovation

Matteo is a journalist and documentarist graduated in Philosophy and Historical research at the University of Milan. Since 2001, he is co-director of the Journalism School at Catholic University, a 2-year post graduate master program where he also teaches Investigative Journalism and History of Radio & Television.

Matteo served as a reporter and senior editor for a number of dailies and magazines (Corriere della Sera, Corriere Lavoro, Il Mondo, and Diario, among others), covering current affairs, organized crime, finance & business, and developing long-term personal projects on underreported stories for RAI, Current, Rizzoli and Edizioni Ambiente.

After 25 years in the media industry as a reporter, producer and consultant, he co-founded the DIG Awards to support quality journalism and the work of freelancers.

Matteo has been lecturer at the Center for Investigative Journalism (London City University), Scuola Holden, Magnum/Contrasto, Festival del Giornalismo di Perugia, Ilaria Alpi Award.