CONDITIONS OF USE OF THE  “maize magazine” APP

maize magazine (the “Application”) was developed by H-FARM Talent S.r.l., with registered office at Via G. Borsi 9, Milan (MI), Tax Code and VAT No. 10202170964 (“H-FARM”). 

1. Introduction

Access to, browsing and consultation of the Application and the use of any available content are governed by these conditions of use (the “Conditions of Use”) and presuppose knowledge and full acceptance of them by visitors (the “Users”).

Users who do not intend to accept the Conditions of Use must abstain from browsing the Application, consulting the content published thereon or using its functionality and services.

2. Amendments to the Conditions of Use

H-FARM reserves the right to amend these Conditions of Use from time to time, without notice. The last amendment date is specified at the foot of these Conditions of Use. Amendments made to these Conditions of Use are valid and effective from their publication date on the Application. Users will be informed by a notice on the Application if substantive changes are made to these Conditions of Use. 

Browsing and use of the Application subsequent to such amendments confirms acceptance of them by the User.

Users who do not intend to accept, in whole or in part, the Conditions of Use and/or any amendments to them must, wherever possible, interrupt their browsing of the Application.

3. Rules for use of the Application

By accessing the Application and consulting the available content, Users agree:

  • to use the Application and the related services and functionality solely for lawful purposes allowed by the applicable laws and regulations in force from time to time, by customary and normal practice, by the rules of diligent conduct and, in all cases, without breaching or infringing any third-party rights (including, without limitation, authorship and other intellectual property rights) and without their behavior having any adverse effect on the reputation of H-FARM;
  • not to amend the Application or use it in such a way as to interrupt, damage or reduce its efficiency or functionality, whether in whole or in part;
  • not to use the Application to transmit or disseminate malware and/or viruses and/or other materials that, even by implication, may be defamatory, offensive, obscene, threatening or, in any case, forbidden by law or likely to bother, disturb or upset third parties;
  • not to use the Application to transmit materials for advertising and/or promotional purposes without prior written consent from H-FARM;
  • not to upload IT programs, files or other materials that might damage or undermine the proper and accurate operation of the Application and related functionality;
  • not to use the data, materials and information available on the Application for purposes not envisaged in these Conditions of Use;
  • expressly to avoid using software or devices that might interfere with the proper functioning of the Application;
  • to use the Application solely for personal and not commercial purposes.

4. Functionality of the Application 

H-FARM makes the Application available to adult natural persons who are capable of entering into binding contracts in accordance with the relevant legal requirements. Users who do not satisfy the above criteria are not authorized to use the Application.

The purpose of the Application is to enable Users to purchase, via Google Play or Apple Store, individual issues of the Maize Magazine or one or more subscriptions to it.

In order to use the Application, Users must have an Internet connection and a web browser (either desktop or mobile) that is updated to the latest version available on the market.

5. Limitations of liability

The Application is configured by and, to the extent possible, will be administered by H-FARM, applying all reasonable techniques and suitable tools to ensure its proper and continuous availability. H-FARM does not warrant that the Application is free from defects and/or malfunctions, or that the functionality of the Application will not suffer suspensions and/or interruptions. By using the Application, the User accepts and recognizes that it may be temporarily unavailable due to malfunctions and/or connection defects or, in any case, external events beyond the control of H-FARM.

Although H-FARM does everything possible to ensure that the information available on the Application is accurate and updated, it might not be updated and may contain technical imprecisions and/or typographical errors.

H-FARM reserves the right to amend and/or update the information, products and images available on the Application, as well as to hide them or restrict their use at any time, without any need to give notice. H-FARM also reserves the right to suspend User access to the Application temporarily, without notice, for the time needed to carry out any necessary and/or appropriate technical operations intended to improve quality or complete routine or special maintenance.

H-FARM may suspend the functionality of the Application at any time, for justified safety reasons, breaches of confidentiality or violations of personal data, notifying Users where applicable and if required.

Except for losses caused by gross negligence or willful misconduct attributable to the actions or activities of H-FARM, the latter will not be liable for any losses or adverse consequences deriving from the use or functioning of the Application. Without prejudice to the provisions of these Conditions of Use and to the extent allowed by law, no compensation will be payable for any and all losses incurred while browsing and/or interacting with the content available on the Application, and payment of such compensation is hereby expressly excluded. In particular, H-FARM declines all responsibility for the transmission, or presence on the browsing devices of the User, of any damaging viruses and/or software originating from consultation of the Application and/or from websites or content attributable to or prepared by third parties. 

Furthermore, H-Farm is not responsible for the materials used by and/or for the conduct of the User while using the Application.

6. Links to websites owned by third parties

The Application contains links to websites and other resources owned by parties (Google Play and Apple Store) other than H-FARM. H-FARM declines all responsibility for the content and use of those webpages, whether in relation to any losses caused by or originated at the time of access to those webpages, or in connection with them. Users, therefore, must always obtain knowledge of and comply with the conditions of use specified for browsing or consulting external websites.

7. Intellectual property rights 

The Application and the available content including, but not limited to, the “” and “H-FARM” trademarks, both as word and figurative marks (or combined), and all designs, texts, graphics, images and data, are either the property of H-FARM or of third parties, used by H-FARM under license where applicable, and are protected by authorship and other intellectual property rights.

These Conditions of Use do not grant Users any user licenses for the Application and/or individual content and/or the materials included therein. The content and materials included in the Application may not be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, disseminated, displayed, sold, granted under license or exploited in any other way by Users for any purpose, without prior written consent from H-FARM or their third-party owners. Failure to comply with the provisions of this article will represent an infringement of these Conditions of Use.

Users are forbidden to access, use, copy, adapt, amend, prepare works based on, distribute, grant under license, grant under sub-license, transfer, show, run or otherwise exploit, directly or indirectly using automated or other means, the functionality of the Application in any prohibited or unauthorized manner, or in any way that might prejudice or damage H-FARM or other Users. 

Users are also forbidden to: (a) attack or attempt to attack the technical protective measures and technical restrictions implemented on the Application in order to identify its code and/or algorithms of any nature or kind (including, without limitation, source and object code); (b) analyze, decrypt, decompile, break down and/or reverse engineer the Application, or attempt to carry out such activities; or (c) alter, amend and/or process the Application in any way.

8. Miscellaneous

Any provision of these Conditions of Use that is found to be invalid or ineffective will be only be void to the extent of that provision, without affecting in any way the remaining provisions of these Conditions of Use, which therefore will remain in full force and effective for any and all purposes.

No omission or delay by H-FARM in exercising any right, option or remedy envisaged in these Conditions of Use may be interpreted as a waiver of them by H-FARM.

9. Communications

For all malfunctions and/or problems relating to the Application and for any questions or comments relating to these Conditions of Use, Users are invited to contact H-FARM at the following addresses:

by e-mail to the address:;

by certified e-mail to the address:

10. Applicable law and jurisdiction

These Conditions of Use are governed by Italian law, with the exclusion of any conflicting regulation.

All disputes relating to and howsoever connected with the interpretation and application of and compliance with these Conditions of Use will be referred to the sole jurisdiction of the Milan Court. 

Last amendment date: October 19, 2020