Larger than life

A series on digital humanities and its key players

The Sistine Chapel in my living room

The relationship between technology, cultural heritage and the digitalization of museums. ...

by Paolo Frosina

The dreams of digital humanities

A brief history of the wonders of binary encoding of culture.  ...

by Andrea Bolioli

A brief history of

A broad overview of the topics we delve into in maize magazine: from utopia to time, from anthropocene to failure.

A brief history of doubt

Living in a culture held together by a shared dedication to inquiry. ...

by Ornella Sinigaglia

A brief history of utopias

Envisioning perfect worlds through centuries to escape reality. ...

by maize

A brief history of time

Our awareness of time — how we measure and explain it — is one of the most distinguishing features of humans. ...

by maize


Progressing relentlessly, the Coronavirus that has isolated us and struck us numb is now putting our trust and faith in the world to the test. Afterwords is a series of individual thoughts, words and ideas from around the globe providing an intimate intake on how to figure out our next steps in a world that is different than the one we left behind.

Reflecting upon the Afterwords journey

The maize team reflects on Afterwords’ six-week journey and the themes addressed as various phases of this crisis unfolded. ...

by maize

A light that never goes out

Chris Chavez is a yoga teacher and co-owner of Cihangir Yoga in Istanbul, Turkey, he reflects on our connection to inner truth. ...

by Chris Chavez

Building a future by being fully present

Chief marketing officer of Clementoni and father, Enrico Santarelli, reflects on the impact lockdown has had on family dynamics. ...

by Enrico Santarelli

Waiting for the future to happen

Martin invites us to be proactive creators of the future desinging it based on the questions that must be asked and faced in advance. ...

by Martin Wezowski


A researcher’s journey through the uncanny greatness of the internet, hunting for signals of cultural shifts.

Atlas 21°03′19″

On NFTs value, a way out to Zoom fatigue, and virtual concerts. ...

by maize

xx by Mattia Balsamini

Atlas 21°03′05″

On hybrid-electric aircraft, brain-computer interfaces, upgradeable laptops, and myopia smart glass...

by maize

Atlas 21°02′19″

On hyperfast delivery services, digital-only garments, data-driven variable fonts, and better tools for school at home. ...

by maize

Long story short

Every day, another tech product is launched, and there is another acronym to learn, only to be replaced by different ones days later. Long Story Short is a series sifting through the nonsense and providing you with a go-to-glossary that makes your world much more simple, even when the rest of it is not.
Charge of the light cavalry brigade, 25th Oct. 1854,
under Major General the Earl of Cardigan / W. Simpson
delt., E. Walker lith., 1855.

Fog of War

On the psychology of military incompetence ...

by Rita Italiano

Courtesy of NASA

What is contact tracing?

Tracing the path of contact with anyone who might have the virus is being used as a public health tool for controlling the pandemic. ...

by maize

What is technological utopianism?

Science is capable of leading humankind to a new condition. This faith may be techno-utopian thinkers’ only common attribute. ...

by Alberto Tundo

A history of Instant Messaging and Chat

The first instant messages were for programmers and emergency communications until they entered the realm of our everyday lives. ...

by maize

The Conversation

An intimate, enlightening exchange with some of the greatest minds in tech which explore how progress is being shaped today.

Moving toward digital libraries

How one man’s vision for a digital library shaped how a historic service can be rethought for the current age. ...

by Andrea Bolioli

Innovation in education

Stephan Vincent-Lancrin, senior analyst at OECD Centre for Educational Research and Innovation, discusses education of the future. ...

by Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin

AI for better customer experiences

Reza Khorshidi, global chief scientist at AIG insurance, talks about how AI is improving user experiences in the insurance sphere. ...

by Reza Khorshidi

The future of healthcare

Barak Berkowitz, Director Operation & Strategy at MIT Media Lab, discusses the future of healthcare in a digital world. ...

by Barak Berkowitz